Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off the CPAP!

Zack had a great day yesterday. When I visited him at lunch time, the doc decided to take him off the cpap! He is now breathing on a nasal canula, the little tube thing that goes under his nose. He held down some epedialite last night, so this morning they gave him a little breast milk through the tube to his stomach. They are still thinking minimum 10 more days to finish the antibiotic, and then he will have to learn how to take a bottle and nurse without affecting his oxygen levels, which could slow things down a bit. Hopefully we are only looking at a few more weeks.

Its funny how we define success at different stages in life. Now, we measure success by the number of tubes and wires going into Zack's little Giraffe bed. Sunday, Zack had 12 tubes and wires attached to his body (and a few of them branched off into three other tubes!)....Monday he was down to 10, and today he is down to 7! We first were scared by all of them. Now we see them as some of Zack's most precious 'items'.

Shannon is doing great. She is resting well, and is able to go see him as much as she wants. Shannon's Mom's best friend, Shelia is down here spending time with us helping with Jay and Co-Co. Her grandkids call her Nay-Nay, and my kids are so country they call her NEE-Nay. Her and Norman are so special to us.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support.


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  1. Hello! I am writing because I was made aware of your situation through Footprints Ministry in Montgomery. When I saw your blog, I recognized Shannon right away, she was my dance team sponsor and a teacher at Sparkman High School in 1999-2000. I am now in Montgomery, and thought I would let you know that you are in my prayers. Congratulations on the good news about Zack.

    Becky Shepard